Candy Ian Rowland!

Isn't this one cute?  This is Ian Rowland!  Ian is a super talented British mentalist who performs and lectures all over the world and on television, writes books, has a fun website, magically cuts and links playing cards to make intriguing art, and hammers five-inch nails into his head. I met Ian in July 2003 at my fridge when he came to lecture and we had a little reception for him.  He was so charming, but he kept teasing me about all the silly things I had stuck all over the front of my fridge and even threatened to draw a mustache on my picture of chef Jamie Oliver!  So I did what any girl with ancestors in  good old Salem would do when some charming mortal is just asking for it, you've seen  Bewitched!   I wiggled my nose and tried to turn him into a frog!   But I must have been standing just a little too close to the powerful magnetic field on the front of my fridge, because something went just a bit wrong with my spell.  Instead of turning Ian into a frog, I accidentally turned him into a fridge magnet! I'm sure you won't believe me, so you'd better have a look at this page from his website about it and see for yourself, it's true.   Joe would be annoyed with me for using my powers, he can be a bit bossy about me flying around the place and having Napoleon over for tea.  But luckily I accidentally turned him into Dunninger a while back when I was trying to twitch up some Dungeness crab for a last minute dinner party, and no one has seen him since!

Here's a cartoon I did about Ian.  I hope he likes it!


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