Candy Richard Webster!

This is Richard Webster!  Richard is a super famous mentalist from New Zealand who has had tons of television fame and now is an author who writes masses of books on everything from Psychic Pets to novels.  I met Richard one summer day when three of us went to meet him in San Francisco for lunch.  Only, Richard had already had his lunch.  So, we pretended we had, too, and sat in John's Grill with one small plate of feta cheese and Kalamata olives between us and fell on it like starved locusts.  Whenever I see Richard Webster or his Candy Mentalist now, I have a sudden craving for feta and olives.  I told Richard he looks like Timothy Dalton, which he really does, don't you think?  I had recently been on a great writing streak, and when Richard told me all about his prolific writing, I told him I had recently written an entire novel in one week!  In response, he recommended a certain publisher because "they are not sticklers for quality," which I found so delightful and outrageous, I will probably adore him forever!


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