Candy Andy Nyman!

This is Andy Nyman!  Andy is a really nice, funny British actor and mentalist.   When he talks, he sounds amazingly like Derren Brown, another British mentalist, or is it the other way around?  This is exactly how Andy looked the first time I saw him perform in the Summer of 2003.  He burst out from behind a curtain at the Magic Castle and stood in this position and I instantly laughed.  He didn't even have to say anything!  Andy is a god here at Cindythings!  Why?  Because he's made two movies with Val Kilmer!  Check out some stills from Andy's blockbuster films, including that one, below!  Recently Andy said he was going to be in a new movie, so I said to Joe, "Just for fun, ask him if Val Kilmer is going to be in it!"  Do you know what Andy said?  "No, Val's not in it, but tell Cindy he's very hot for her!"   Now that's funny!  

My favorite Andy Nyman story is this one.  We were going to meet Andy for the first time ever and have dinner with him, earlier that same night, so we looked up his photo online so we would recognize him.  Young...kind of British hair style...certain hip kind of beard...  So, there we were at the appointed time, waiting in the bar with ghostly Irma for Andy, and this tall guy sauntered in who looked exactly like him.  "Andy?"  He walked past.  No Andy.  No Andy.  Still no Andy!  Tall guy who looked like Andy sauntered by again.  It had to be him.  "Andy?"  "No!  I am not Andy!!!" Right then, Andy walked in.  Tall Andy saw our Andy and saw that he looked exactly like him in practically every way--face, hair, beard, glasses, clothes, all except the tall part--looked at me, and fell apart laughingAll evening, every time we ran into him again, he made eye contact with me and laughed!  It was kind of evil.  Okay, I laughed, too.  Hey, laughing guy, are you still laughing?

Andy's Candy Mentalist is a tough little guy, he did all his own stunts for the movie stills and didn't even chip despite a few nosedives onto the table without a crash pad!


         Andy's Movie Stills

Here they are, Andy and Val in stills from their Big Summer Buddy Caper Action Flick, Big Summer Buddy Caper Action Flick III!

Here they are in the big "Argument on the Beach!" scene where they almost come to blows about which caper to pull off. 


The big "No Longer Speaking Because Andy Won the Argument" scene.

Here's the scene where "Val fakes his death to get his way," and Andy begs him to keep going.  Check out Andy's acting chops!  There's buzz he'll get an Oscar just for this scene!

Here they are scoping out the Mini Cooper they're going to steal.  Another argument--Val says he'd rather steal a red one like Cindy drives! 


Val sulks again to get his way, and Andy wastes valuable caper time reasoning with him. 

Here are the buddies, riding a camel through Egypt in the big "Riding a Camel Through Egypt" Scene!

The action moves to a Castle in Europe, where Andy goes undercover as a Frenchman named BobVal stubbornly refuses to change his name or wear a beret, so Bob (Andy)  has to waste more valuable caper time explaining to Val (Val) that Val (Val) isn't a very French (French) name, but he doesn't mind about the beret (pretentious little hat) since they only have one (1). 

The action moves to Mars, and the buddies have a new dilemma--Val gets space sick!  Andy tells him to wait with the ship while he goes into action!

Uh oh, the buddies have been sucked into a Dizzying Time Tunnel!  They feel almost like they drank Hpnotiq!


Here they are in the big "Lost in the Jungle" scene after the Time Tunnel spits them back out on planet Earth.


Out of the jungle, and brave Andy leads the way, prowling through an Egyptian pyramid in search of an exit.  Does action get any better than this?!

Andy and Val after the shoot wraps.  Caper buddies for life!



Here's Andy as Darrin in scenes from an early shoot for Bewitched--The Motion Picture.  The official line from the studios is that everyone raved so much about Andy's performance, Will Ferrell had a jealous tantrum and held his breath until he was given Andy's part!  But behind the scenes rumor has it that Nicole Kidman who plays Samantha couldn't stop laughing every time Andy delivered his lines, so he had to go!


The mystery of who will be the next James Bond is finally answered.  Yes, it's Andy Nyman, here with returning former Bond (and Cindythings favorite) Timothy Dalton in a scene from the exciting new Bond installment, Get Bond!  In this scene, Andy mistakes Tim for a rogue agent and gets the drop on him with his Walther PPK!

Good thing he didn't shoot!  Tim is on Andy's side, and in this scene they make plans to save the world from an Evil Television Mind Reader.  Yikes!

The camera zooms in for a close up!


Andy shows his versatility costarring as Igor in this horror flick with Cindythings Uber-Favorite, the Master of Terror himself, Vincent Price, in The Raven 13.  In this scene the boys go shopping in Ghent.

A close up--terrifying!

Uh oh, the Raven turns on Andy in his big "Attacked by the Raven" scene!  Tweet!


Is Red Square ready for the Olsen Twins and Andy Nyman?  It better be!  Andy plays Mary-Kate and Ashley's harried chaperone in this 'tween' flick in which the twins go to Russia and get caught up in Exciting International Intrigue!  There's nothing wrong with my focus, it was a little foggy that day...


Andy and Mary-Kate share a joke on the set.  Plans are already underway for Andy to team up with the girls again!


Andy conquers the stage in Chicago!  Next--the world!!!  You go, Andy!

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