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This is Marc Paul!  Marc is a British mentalist who made a really cool television series that reminds me totally of really cool Sixties shows like Night Gallery, and he does a lot of corporate shows, too.  He's also a good buddy of Joe's and actually willing member of Joe's Rat Pack.   An issue of  magicseen with Marc on the cover came a while back.  The next day, Joe emailed Marc to say he had received the magazine and that he hadn't read the interview yet, but he would do so ASAP and write promptly to tell him what was wrong with it!  Of course, that's just typical of Joe's sense of humor.  He really meant to read it that day, I'm sure.   But the next thing you know, it had been one month and Joe had carried that magazine all over the place with him, all the way to Las Vegas and back, and he still hadn't had a chance to read it.  I can only imagine what Marc must have been thinking.  If he developed a lifelong complex that he stinks at interviews and has to go into analysis for twelve years because of it, we'll know who's to blame.


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