Candy Theodore Annemann!

This is Theodore Annemann!  He was an early great mentalist with a very interesting, passionate face.  He could have knocked young Orson Welles out of the movies, don't you think?  Can't you almost hear him saying it?--"Rose-bud!  Rose-bud!"  He was brilliant, known for his writing and inventiveness, his performance of the bullet-catch, a lot of magazine work, and if you ask me, having some really interesting haircuts and taking a great picture.   Unfortunately, he left us in an untimely way, and I really regret that.  But it's what he did in his life and for being a Candy Mentalist for which I am sure he would wish to be remembered.  

Do you see the cigarette in his hand?  It's a bit short, isn't it.  It was originally a nice long cigarette, a total joy to behold.  As soon as I made it, Joe said, "I don't want to hear a bunch of crying when that cigarette breaks off!"  Which was his incredibly compassionate way of saying it looked dangerously fragile.  So from then on, every time I picked up Annemann, looked at him, or even just thought about him, I was gripped with terror that that amazingly perfect cigarette would snap off and Joe would be right.  I was determined that wasn't going to happen.  The day I took these pictures, guess what happened?   Bang!  That's right, you guessed.  Before I could take his picture, Annemann fell face-forward on the table, and the cigarette snapped off and got lost in the carpet, never to be found again.   I could make a new one, but it just wouldn't be the same.  So, here you are, a picture of Annemann wondering how he smoked that cigarette down so far when he could have sworn he just lit it!


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