Candy Joe Atmore!

This is Joe Atmore!   Joe is a brilliantly talented mentalist, magic historian, mentalism consultant, and the world's foremost Dunninger expert.  You may know him as the best-selling, incredibly good-looking, younger-than-everyone-else author of Dunninger's Brain Busters, as the star of a great, fun, amazing DVD called Joseph Atmore is Dunninger,  for his many fascinating magazine articles, for looking exactly like Speed Racer and driving pretty much the same way when he borrows my red Mini Cooper, for being the Eighth Wonder of the World and an amazingly funny and popular all-around great guy, or for being married to the greatest girl in the world, who is not above saying very nice things on her website in exchange for bribes.*  Very very extremely recently, Joe started out in magic as a little kid.  He wrote magic magazine articles, corresponded with famous magicians,  and put on shows for his whole school.  Today Joe is writing magic magazine articles, corresponding with famous mentalists, and putting on shows all over the place including my living room!  So obviously he has completely changed.   The story behind the discovery of Joe's amazing mental abilities is truly a remarkable one.  He spent his early years unaware of his special powers, but then one life-altering, otherwise ordinary day he discovered how much money mentalists make for each performance, and in that very instant he became aware of his amazing ability to read minds!   Joe's favorite mentalism story is this one.  A while back he flew into Las Vegas to meet one of his best Mentalist friends (that's a hint!).  It took two mentalists who call each other "Dunninger" an hour to find each other in the airport.  This was while they were talking on cell phones and Joe was wearing his The Mentalist baseball cap!  Where is a mind reader when you need one?!  I was home taking care of our cat, Kitty Golightly.  I can't be everywhere.


* Bribery Program:  Cindythings is proud to offer its own Candy Mentalists Gallery Written Profile Bribery Program.  If you are featured in the Candy Mentalists Gallery and would like your written profile to be extremely effusively more flattering than it already is, I offer three attractively affordable and convenient option plans.

Basic:  I'll add a lot of "very"s and "talented"s and "amazing"s and one or two "devastatingly attractive"s, and claim I saw you lunching with someone famous just last week and it looked rather intimate and/or important.  This is our most affordable plan-- you'd be crazy not to!

Intermediate:  Wouldn't it be great to wake up every day to a profile saying you are my Very Best Friend in the Whole Wide World and that you look amazingly like Cary Grant would have if only he had been better looking?  It could be yours for one simple fee broken up into easy payments spread over twenty years!

Luxury:  At this level I pull out all the stops and publicly declare I'm madly in love with you, you're my soul mate, you get mobbed by screaming, wildly attractive girls every time you step out your door, you are Dunninger's True Successor, life would be empty and truly wouldn't be worth living if not for you performing mentalism for the rest of us, you inspired every great creation in the history of mankind including the Seven Wonders of the World, and Joe cries himself to sleep every night wishing he could be as talented and attractive as you.

Don't delay!  Act now!  Opportunity like this doesn't come around often.  Fees and rates and 666-page fine-print contract signing away all of your past, present, and future assets, heirs, and your eternal soul available upon request.  Offer void where prohibited.  Sales Tax and Extortionate Documentation Fees not included.  Cartoons I've done about Joe not included, either.  For those, see below.



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