Candy Loyd Auerbach!

Hail to the Chief! This is Loyd Auerbach! For almost as long as I've known him, Loyd has been the President of the PEA, and even though he handed over the presidency in real life a while back, he will always be The Prez of Candy Mental Land!  Loyd is a performing mentalist, a paranormal expert and lecturer and author, a television ghostbuster (you've probably seen him touring haunted ships and houses or commenting on a t.v. seance), and he used to be a stand-up comic.  He goes by the name Professor Paranormal (I wonder if his first name is Abner, as in Ab-normal?  Sorry, Loyd--I can't help myself!!!).  I first met Loyd when I was running the merchandise table at a Max Maven lecture Joe hosted.  He wanted to write a check to buy Joe's Brain Busters.  I was like, "Hmm, a check, are you in IBM Ring 216?"  "No, I'm the President of the PEA though!"  The President of the most exclusive club of elite mentalism gods, which Joe is dying to join?  So I introduced him to Joe and I can't believe I still asked Joe if I could take his check!  (He said yes.  It didn't bounce!)  Loyd is super nice and super funny and his house is full of cool science fiction toys, videos, and comic books and is also a haven for hungry cats and even a raccoon.    Loyd has some great spooky ghost stories about ghosts walking through him, and he has me convinced this blue lady ghost at a haunted restaurant in Half Moon Bay  is totally in love with him!   My favorite thing about Loyd, though, is how much he loves the espresso we make with our red Francis-Francis machine, Francis.  He holds the record--he once drank six!!!  Okay, I kind of dared him.  You can see Loyd on Joe's DVD, "Joseph Atmore is Dunninger"--Loyd plays the announcer and he's just great!  He cracks me up!  Don't you think he could have a huge career in tv sitcoms?


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