Candy David Berglas!

This distinguished gent is David Berglas!  He's a super famous British television mentalist, and has been a household name in England for decades.   I met him once in the mid-1990's when he gave a lecture in San Francisco at the Magic Mansion.  During the lecture, Joe asked him how to do one of his specialties, and he said he never tells that--but after the lecture he sought Joe out and told him!  It was incredibly nice and generous of him, and I like people who are nice and generous.  So he's okay with me!

During that lecture his elegant wife Ruth asked me for help getting them a ride from San Francisco down to Monterey the next day.  I couldn't do it myself because I assumed they wanted to get there alive, but she asked the right person--our friend Rich was a pilot for United Airlines who not only drove up to San Francisco all the time because that's where he flew, he lived near Monterey--and he was there at the lecture because he is also a talented magician!  So I introduced him to her, the Berglases got piloted down to Monterey in style by a real professional, and Rich had a blast talking with them the whole way.  I wonder if he did it on a little intercom and passed out peanuts?


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