Candy Anthony Blake!

Esto Candy Mentalist muy guapo es Anthony Blake!  Anthony es un Mentalisto muy famoso--famosisimo!--en Espana y en toda Europa!  El aparece en muchas producciones populares por television y hace muchas apariencias teatrales.  Todo el mundo le gusta mucho!  Es un hombre muy agradable y simpatico y es un buen amigo de Joe.

Como esta mi espanol?  Entiende?  

What I mean to say, in English, is this handsome Candy Mentalist is Anthony Blake!  Anthony is a really famous mentalist in Spain and all of Europe!  He appears in many popular television productions and does lots of shows in person, as well.  He's huge over there, everyone loves him so much he can't walk down the street without getting mobbed!   He's a super nice, great guy and a great friend of Joe's.

How is my English?

Shall I try it in Russian just for fun?  Okay, here goes.  I'll do it phonetically because I don't have a Cyrillic alphabet handy.  There's never one around when you need it.

Etot Kanfyete Mentaliski krasivi Anthony Blake.  Anthony Mentaliski ochin znameniti--bolshoi znameniti--v Ispania y v vsyo Evropa.  On vistupayet po mnoga postanovki tyelevideniyu populyarni y dyelaet mnoga vistuplyeniye tyeatralni.  On fsyo nravitstayut!  On priyatni y bolshoy drook Joe.

Kak moy Ruski?  Panimayetye?


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