Candy Derren Brown!

Don't do it, Derren Brown!  Too late--Derren is a famous, uber-popular television mentalist in England who did a television special a while back in which he played Russian Roulette, but don't worry, he lived to tell the tale! (Please do not try Russian Roulette at home--you could die!)  Derren has made lots of fun mentalism specials for English television, all of which I have listened to 80,000 times because Joe loves them and considers Derren Brown a mentalism god.   Derren Brown, Derren Brown, Derren Brown!  The name resounds around this place whenever a new special comes winging its way across the sea--we have been known to have Saturday parties so everyone can see the latest.   Derren has also written some really interesting books on performing theory, bits of which I have actually read, he's done a hit theatrical show in London, and he's a great artist, some of his drawings are in his books.  I think he looks and sounds like an Elizabethan guy who might have dated Queen Elizabeth I, don't you? 

I do some cartoons for the PEA journal Vibrations, which is exclusively for PEA members.  No one else is allowed to read it, including me, on penalty of some terrible punishment I can't even imagine.  Well, I can imagine, but it's probably worse than they would think of so I won't give them any ideas!  They're so strict about secrecy, I have to draw my cartoons with a blindfold on.   But just this once, you can safely have a peek inside the forbidden universe of the mentalism gods, a glimpse of a cartoon that hasn't even ran yet.  (Sorry PEA boys and Roybert, Evil Editor!)  It's one of my favorites, and it's about Derren.  I came up with it musing about that Russian Roulette special, and it cracks me up every time I see it!  I hope Derren thinks it's funny--if not, it was all Joe's idea, he forced me to draw it!  If you want more mentalism cartoons, visit my Cartoon Gallery here at Cindythings.

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