Candy Tony Corinda!

Here he is...the god of all mentalism gods...Tony Corinda!  Corinda was so good looking and had such great hair he could have skated along in life on that alone just like me.  Or else doing something easy like being a matinee idol.  But, instead, he only wrote the greatest book on mentalism ever, 13 Steps to MentalismIn case you've stumbled into Candy Mental Land completely by accident, 13 Steps to Mentalism is the classic textbook packed chock full of  everything a mentalist needs to know (well, maybe except for how to avoid being made into candy and, unfortunately for Joe, making sure no one has drawn a bunny on your slate before you perform).  Corinda became a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star for his magnificent literary effort and other worthy endeavors super young, and went on to have a brilliant career inventing all sorts of great mentalism effects and he even had his own magic shop in London!  Today Corinda is regarded as such a god that in 1994, the PEA's annual convention  was all about honoring him, every last bit of it!   He maintains such mystique that when Joe recently received an unexpected letter and booklet from Corinda in his post office box, he was so amazed he sat down that instant, right there on the floor of the post office, to open it and read it!  After that, all I heard was Corinda! Corinda! Corinda! for days.  I think he's going to be all right soon, but I think I just heard him mumble something.  It sounded like...Corinda!
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