Candy Dunninger!

Here he is, mere mortals--The Amazing Dunninger!  Joseph Dunninger was not only the first great Mentalist, pioneering mentalism on stage, radio, and television screen, he was also the first Candy Mentalist, yes, the one who started it all.   Born in 1892, he started out as a magician working Dime Museums before switching over to his amazing mental act that made him a top celebrity and super rich from the 1920's until his death in 1975.   Every major celebrity appeared with Dunninger, from Lucille Ball to presidents of the USA to royalty.  This guy knew how to stay in the news, in his heyday there were thousands of articles written about him every year, so it's kind of weird he isn't better remembered by the general public.  How do I know all this?   Joe is his leading biographer and collector, has written a book about his Brain Busters, has performed as Dunninger doing his 1944 radio act (DVD available at!), and writes a hilarious column as Dunninger called Dunninger Knows for the PEA journal Vibrations.  Also, I basically live with Dunninger when Joe is practicing The Voice for an upcoming show.  Sometimes it gets a bit strange having Dunninger tell me Dinnah is delicious, I knew you were thinking of making encheeladas! or asking What's on this newfangled telee-vision contraption tonight? or Will you please concentrate, madam!  I asked if you unplugged that confounded ee-lectric iron before we left our abode? It can be kind of creepy, you know?   But I don't really mayand having Dunningah around.  He was such a cool guy, with such a fun, gutsy attitude, I just love him!  Don't you?

I also think Dunninger had one of the greatest faces ever.  He was cute!  Here are some fun cartoons I did about him.  I love drawing him!  You'll notice a lady in some of them--she's Chrystal Dunninger, his first, common-law wife.  To find out about her, check out my Chrystal Dunninger Museum.  And you can find more of my Going Mental mentalism cartoons in my Cartoon Gallery here at Cindythings.


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