Candy Maurice Fogel!

This is Maurice Fogel!  Fogel was a great British mentalist most famous for his bullet catch and later for his Russian Roulette.  I think he was super cool, I just love him!  He reminds me of Steed from The Avengers in certain pictures!  What I think is most amazing about him is that a few times his Russian Roulette act went wrong, and he actually got shot--once when he'd already realized it was going wrong and didn't stop it!  He had the person holding the gun point it away from his head, and just shoot him in the chest--like that was a lot better!  That's wild!  One of the greatest mentalism reads I've ever had was Corinda's interview with Fogel in Corinda's 12 Steps to Mentalism.  If you haven't read the interview, you should, it's fascinating and fun and covers everything you could possibly want to know about performing mentalism.  Well, maybe you want to know more than I do, but for me it was plenty!  And it was as English as you can get!  I especially like how Fogel demanded a cup of tea in the middle of it, which got included in the interview's text.  I also really enjoyed reading Chris Woodward's 2001 booklet, Maurice Fogel, especially the story about Fogel once purposely booking two shows at the same time.   He got out of the timing conflict by phoning in a fake bomb threat to one of the locations so he could go on late and get paid for both!  He was quite a character, so if you like that story you've got to read Chris's booklet, because he was Fogel's son-in-law and his booklet is chock full of great stuff like that!   And now Chris has got a whole brand new book out about him, I can't wait to read it!  In his career Fogel performed all around the world and he must have had an amazing passport.  Now he's got a new stamp in it--Arrived in Candy Mental Land!


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