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Guard your silverware, it's Uri Geller!  I love Uri Geller!  Uri is the Uber-Mentalist of all time, a huge celebrity since the 1970's when he baffled the world with his amazing spoon bending and clock-stopping and -starting feats.   The first and only mentalism book I ever read was The Magic of Uri Geller by James Randi.  I loved that book.  I think it was meant to have a different effect, though I could be wrong, but on me the effect was to be totally thrilled and fascinated with Uri Geller.  I spent two of the best weekends of my life reading that book!  It took me that long because I was eating cookies and flipping back and forth to look at the pictures!   Before I read The Magic of Uri Geller, when mentalists came to the house, I wasn't really included in the conversations except the ones that went, "Hey, Cindy, get me a beer!" / "Okay!" and "Hey, Cindy, get so-and-so another beer!" / "Here you go!" and then there was always the one that went, "Can I get you guys something to drink?" / "Yes, beer, thank you!"   After I read that book, every time mentalists came to the house I'd beg them for stories about meeting Uri Geller, and I got a lot of them!   The next thing I knew, I was a part of some conversations that were not actually about getting  beer, and they would sometimes last until two or three in the morning!  I learned a lot and I liked it!   And so, thanks to Uri Geller, I am in the know about mentalism.  I know everything.   Go ahead, test me!*  ** 

*  I only claim 49% accuracy.  If I'm paying attention.

** Yes, I still get the beer.


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