Candy Kuda Bux!

This is Kuda Bux!  He was a world-famous Pakistan-born mental entertainer who walked on fire and did a blindfold act that looked like this, with his eyes covered in bread dough under the wrappings, on lots of television guest spots and also in person.  He was called The Man with the X-Ray Eyes!  Would you believe that beneath this blindfold, this candy mentalist's face is anatomically a perfect likeness of the real Kuda Bux, which I slaved over for hours?!  No?  Then I won't try to convince you, because it's not really true.  Kuda once lived in the same building as another mentalist in our Candy Gallery, Max Maven!  And he had the same birthday as Joe, February 17, 1905!  Hey, maybe they were twins separated at birth?   Since everyone always thinks Joe and I look like brother and sister, and our birthdays are only a day apart, would that make us triplets?  No, quadruplets, because Joe and Gerry get mistaken for brothers, too, and even call each other that.  You just have to be logical about these things.


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