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What are Candy TV Chefs?   They're delicious all-edible confections made of sugar-paste, which is a kind of British marzipan-like fondant icing you roll out and cover cakes with or make decorations with like these.  It tastes just like the marshmallow charms in Lucky Charms breakfast cereal!  It dries hard but it still smells yummy and looks fantastic even after a few years!

    Yes, you could eat any of these little chefs, if you didn't mind just the tiniest bit of toothpick getting into your system.  Mostly they're colored with food coloring, kneaded in or painted on, and they stand about 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall, weigh about 3 1/2 ounces, and I estimate they're about 400 calories apiece. 



Visiting the Gallery:  

  Each Candy TV Chef is featured in his or her own page.  You can visit the ones you want by clicking individual names on the list below, or take the tour of all of them by clicking on Take the tour! and then clicking the next icon at the bottom of each page.  I've included a few of my favorite photos of each one to give you a good look, and I've written a little bit about the real-life TV Chef who inspired him.  If you find any mistakes, just remember, admission is free, and blame Wikipedia!

    Be sure to check out the Candy TV Chefs Fun page in which I had a bit of fun with the Candy TV Chefs!  I've also included some great group shots of the gang.

     And when you're finished seeing the whole gallery, be sure to check out my fun Candy TV Chefs designs on all kinds of great products at my Cindythings Shop at Cafepress, where you can pick up a fun tee shirt, mug, or other fun souvenir to commemorate your visit and prove to the world you are far cooler and hipper and more of a gourmet than anyone previously realized.

     And if you haven't seen my Candy Mentalists, Candy Magicians, and Candy Candidates yet, be sure to check them out!  If you like the Candy TV Chefs, you'll love those galleries, too.  They're really fun!



Answers to the questions I get asked most often about my Candy TV Chefs can be found below. 

Thanks for coming!  Have fun visiting!  And please don't eat any of the exhibits!  Well, okay, maybe just a nibble.

And if you're a famous TV chef and you're not in here, don't feel bad, you must have come out so cute and delicious I couldn't resist eating you on a cupcake!



Question:  Who makes them?

Answer:  Me.  My name is Cindy Atmore.  I'm an artist and writer and the Queen of Cindythings, my fun online pop art empire which you are visiting right now!  I'm also an avid TV cooking show lover, cooking lover, baking lover, cookbook collector and lover, recipe lover, TV lover, eating lover, apron lover, domestic goddess, afternoon tea queen, cupcake queen, apple pie queen, plum jam queen, candy girl--and the next TV cooking show star!  Hey, it could happen!  Here I am with an escapee from the Candy Mentalists Gallery, I can't remember which one he is, but he looks like the Amazing Kreskin to me! 


Question:  Why did I make them?

Answer:    I started making Candy figures a few years ago partly to see if I could capture a portrait likeness in sugar paste, and also to have some fun with some friends, a bunch of mentalists coming over for a party!  I was going to put them on a cake.  So I started out making Candy Mentalists, went on to make Candy Magicians for a feature in MAGIC Magazine and for its big MAGIC Live! convention in Las Vegas, and then to be extremely politically active without having to think too hard, I made all the Candy Candidates in the 2008 presidential race!  You can find all of those in their own galleries here at Cindythings, check them out!  Now I've made the Candy TV Chefs because I've always loved TV cooking shows and have always secretly thought it would be fun to have my own as long as I didn't have to be able to do anything really difficult like cook, talk in complete sentences in front of a camera, or have a recipe end in anything but total disaster because someone was watching.  I've got that all figured out, I'm going to be the first TV chef who just looks like one and just invites the studio audience to McDonald's when my pizza catches fire, my chocolate layer cake filling explodes out the side of the cake, or my Beef Wellington hits the floor!  I am ready for my close up, camera three!  Food Network and PBS, please don't fight over me!  I have enough Appearance of Kitchen Expertise to go around!  Now who wants fries with that?

Question:  Where are they kept?

Answer:   The Candy TV Chefs live in the Witness Protection Program in Toledo, Ohio.  Is Toledo in Ohio?  Okay, I made that up.  Actually they are crowded onto a vintage Holly Hobbie tray on my dining room table arguing about how to make a souffle at the moment and living in fear of the next time my cat Tiki jumps over them and knocks them all over.  And bats them around.  And knocks one's head off.  And maybe an arm or two.  Cats with extra thumbs have no respect for edible art.

Question:  What am I going to do with them?

Answer:  Probably get hungry watching cooking shows and eat them!  Or challenge the host of Man Vs. Food, Adam Richman, to eat them all in one sitting!  Or maybe make Essence of Candy TV Chef Foam in the blender.  I watch Top Chef, I know all about trendy gourmet things like foam.  Okay, no, I really don't know how to make a foam.  Foam is so last week anyway.  Candy TV Chefs are the new foam!  By next year every top restaurant will be serving a little Candy Gordon Ramsay on every plate or they'll lose all their #&@% Michelin stars!

Question:  How do I make them?

Answer:  Answer A:  My recipe is a patented trade secret kept in a vault guarded by a cat with extra thumbs who is willing to use them if necessary.  I will have to kill you if I tell you, if she doesn't first.  And besides I already told you.  Answer B:  I'm not really sure, it just happens, would that be a problem for my cooking show episode on Candy TV Chefs, I wonder?  Maybe I could fill the half hour playing with a string with Tiki!  Answer C: Drinking Frappuccinos, eating corndogs with mustard, listening to Food Network 24/7 and a 48 hour "Benson" marathon on videotape--Benson is a 1980's TV sitcom starring Robert Guillaume and most of it takes place in the kitchen of a governor's mansion!  Also dressed in a Holly Hobbie apron, I was going through a Holly Hobbie phase, it's a pop art thing.  I'm sure Andy Warhol had his Holly Hobbie phase too.  I suspect it was when he did his soup cans.  Don't look up the dates, I'm sure I'm right.

Question:  Can I buy one?

Answer:  Yes, for one million dollars--or if you give me my own TV Cooking Show--I think I forgot to mention I want one?  And one million dollars!  I'll have both, please.  I'm thinking if I say please nicely it will be more likely to happen.  Smithsonian, you'd better hurry before someone snaps one of them up and you can't have the entire collection!  Donald Trump are you listening?

Question:  Who is your favorite TV Chef? 

Answer: Funny you should ask!  Me!  Okay, if I had to pick a second choice...  Me!  I'm so consistent.  Pop artists like repetition.  And anyway I really can't pick just one favorite TV chef, I love them all, and I have the restraining orders to prove it!

Question:  What is your favorite recipe out of all the famous tv chef's recipes?

AnsweR:  My own recipe for Mexican Green Chicken Enchiladas!  But it is very hard finding a Mexican Green Chicken so I rarely make them unless I have my own TV Cooking Show budget that will afford a three year long search for one in Acapulco along with a furnished private holiday luxury apartment complete with private pool.  I also really liked The Two Fat Ladies gingerbread recipe I once made that foamed all over my oven like something out of a horror movie, that one was fun!  I wonder if it was supposed to do that?

Question:  How many candy TV chefs does it take to screw in a light bulb?

AnsweR:  None.  They are sick of the light from all the flashbulbs from all the paparazzi who follow me around asking when I'm getting my own TV Cooking Show, so they prefer to be in the dark, in a dark room, at night.  They like to be alone.  I think they look at cookbooks with flashlights but I'm not sure, I don't like to ask in case I embarrass them.  Candy TV Chefs are so easily embarrassed.  I think it's because they can't reach the back of the stove, it's given them a Napoleonic sized inferiority complex.  As soon as they seem to get over it, one of them falls in a big pot of soup trying to fetch out a bay leaf and it's a giant setback all over again.  The therapy bills are killing me, the Candy Therapist won't let them do group therapy because they all fight.  They can be such prima donnas!  A couple of them even swear!  So they have to go solo.

Question:  Why don't you have your own TV cooking show?  

Answer:  Maybe my parents were right!  They always said if I played with my food I'd never grow up and have my own TV Cooking Show!  Waah!  Well, I guess this means there's no reason to stop wearing olives on my fingers and picking the chocolate coating off of Ho Ho's before carefully unwinding them!

Question:  Is it true the louvre museum wants to dedicate an entire wing to the CAndy TV chefs?

Answer:  Yes, it is true, and thank you for asking, Smithsonian Museum!  The Louvre said a lot of things in the congratulations letter they sent me, I can't really read French, but I think it's funny how rude the French language can come across, I'm not much of a translator but it almost sounded like "restraining order" and "100 meters" or something or other.  So I'm just taking that as a yes because otherwise they wouldn't have sent such an official nice letter with the seal of the Chief of La Surete Nationale on it.  Clearly they're going to give the Candy TV Chefs a 100 meter display and cordon them off to restrain the admiring and hungry crowds.  But I'm not too worried about the hungry crowd, no one will be able to make up their mind which color wine to serve with them.  As anyone in America would know, the only appropriate choice is orange soda.

question:  are the candy tv chefs available for media appearances?

Answer:  I'm sorry to say they took a vote amongst themselves last week and have unionized.  They all agreed they are now Too Big for TV cooking shows and will now only appear in their own self-titled sitcoms or on Dancing with the Stars.  They also charge for photos with fans and autographs, and please, don't even think of interrupting them if they're dining out someplace, the little butter knives will fly!  They are little divas.  I've warned them though, if Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray or Paula Deen or Sandra Lee invites them on a show, they're going to put on their best aprons and come with me and behave themselves or I'll put them in the food processor on pulverize.  But if Bobby Flay invites them on a show I told them they can just behave as badly as they want.  I have a very publicity-worthy celebrity feud going with Bobby Flay--AP and TMZ and Radaronline and Perez are you paying attention? Bobby knows What He Did.  I refuse to accept his apology if he apologizes, not after What He Did.  Not unless he asked us all on his show, maybe, and made us a pizza.  I would go on but I wouldn't speak to him except to say thank you for the pizza and pass the chili peppers, not after What He Did.  Please don't ask me to reveal What He Did for less than one million dollars, Radaronline, I am too deeply miffed to reveal all for less.

Question:  Are you out of stupid questions to pretend to ask yourself about the candy tv chefs?

Answer:  Pretty much!

If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to contact me!  If I am not in the middle of posing for publicity stills for my own TV Cooking Show and Companion Cookbook like below!  Look out Bobby Flay, I'm angling for your time slot!  I don't have time for a hostile takeover of your restaurant empire until next week, I'm busy meeting with Radaronline about something.

TV cooking empire, here i come!


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